Tuesday, May 22, 2007

The Tango Maureen

This reminds me of the time I played in Rent in a college play for my first year in college. I played Mark in it.


Movie Night

Chase snuk off to my place for a movie night. He was doing something and came to vist me, and see how I was doing. I had a biking accident a few weeks ago, and lost one of my eyes (kind of). Now I wear a patch over my eye to hide the scar there.

Anyways, we sat around for a while talking, Chase was petting Luna on his lap. It was so cute. Then we watched Pan's Laybrinth, and I enjoyed it very much. I fell asleep though by the end of it so I have to watch it again to see what the ending was. I found myself laying my head against Chase's shoulder so I quickly moved from that position for Foreman's sake.

I talked with Greg and James after work. I told them about spending the night with Chase. I was afraid Greg would start up the whole "Dr. Marks loves Dr. Chase" thing again, but he didn't so I'm glad for that. But I started to get uncomforable around James and Greg when they started to kiss, and when Greg was rubbing his lover's shoulders.

It wasn't I didn't mind it, they can do what they want for all I care...its just...I guess I missed contact with another person like that. Thats why I'm glad I can hang out with Chase whenever I get the chance. Hes my best friend, and I feel lonely at times in my empty apartment. I have nothing to come home to anyways.

Well thats all I have to report now.

Thursday, April 5, 2007

Dragged away

I was just dragged away from my hotel room by Chase and Foreman. So I'm back at their place. Chase called me last night and told me to stay, then Foreman posted on my blog telling me to come back. I guess I can risk my policy for another night.

I'm lounging out on the porch again with some books, a few movies, my MP3 iPod, my laptop, and my Nintendo DS. I guess you could say I live out here. Its a little cold so I have a blacket wrapped around me and I'm wearing a very large sweater Maddie gave me. I got my iPod in my ears now and I'm listening to "You Know My Name" by Chris Cornell. It was from one of my favorite James Bond movies that came out last year, "Casino Royale".

I was just muttering the song to myself when I felt someone's hands on my shoulders. I took out one ear plug and smiled up at Chase. I knew it was him.

"Hey Wombat." I chuckled as his face lit up and he smacked my head.

"Not you too! I hate that name." He shook his head at me as I just laughed at him. He was easy to tease sometimes.

"I know."

He pulled a chair up next to me and sat down. He was watching me a little as I typed on my computer. I had some files to do while I took leave from work this week. At least I'll be caught up. Luna barked and jumped into Chase's lap. At least Fayt isn't going to take her from me. He pet her head and looked up at me.

"You know, your not leaving till your better. And never do that again!" He sounded a bit angry with me. I winced a little and gave him a hurtful smile.

"Sorry. I'm a little stubborn and the policy I have. I just could rick-"

"Screw your policy, your my friend Edo."

My face went blood red when he used my pet name. "AH! Why the name!" He laughed at me and poked my cheek.

"Its cold Ed, why don't you come inside."

I nodded and packed up my things in my bag and plopped my ear plug back in my ear. I started after Chase acting like a spy with a fake gun and everything. He laughed at me when I made stupid poses with me hold up my gun like in those James Bond movies. I put my stuff down and I pounced on Chase. We started to play a little game we use to play last year when we met, who can throw who over the shoulders first. I always won cause he was way too little. I'm glad I'm with them again.

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Hotel Room

Sorry Chase, I bet when you read this I will already be gone.

I took it upon myself to leave Chase and Foreman's place because I know I'm testing my limits. It was fun while it lasted. Me and Foreman don't have well a good friendship right now. He thinks I would try to steal Chase from him because of how I talk about him. Chase is a good friend, one the only best friends I have ever had. Maybe the only.

I'm at a hotel room now waiting for Fayt to be done. I saw him and Cedric at my apartment with boxes. I never felt so sick to my stomach before so I just quickly passed by without a word.

I have a policy that prevents things like this from happening, and I practice it every time I'm around James and House. The policy of mine, and law if you will call that, prevents me from being 'too friendly' around someone's lover that I have a history with. I'm always polite and only touch when welcomed like a hug or a pat on the shoulder. For some reason I broke this to be around Chase because he makes me feel better. I totaly forgot about Fayt when I was with him because we were close friends. I forgot myself and stayed with him, not remembering what happened last year when House had to put up on his blog "Dr. Marks has a crush on Dr. Chase". Foreman gave me a look that could kill.

So I left their apartment so I won't cause anymore trouble.

To Foreman

I'm not trying to steal Chase! Don't kill me in my sleep!!!


Monday, April 2, 2007

At Chase's

I'm over at Foreman and Chase's apartment. Things had been quiet. I got there late and I talked with Chase all through the night about what happened. I'm glad he offered me a place for a while, just hoped Foreman wasn't going to kill me. I had a few hard drinks that night, and I didn't know when I broke down silently (as Chase told me) until I woke up with my head of my blond friend's lap, face tear stained.

Its evening and I've been sitting out on the porch alone. They had another visitor (Jeff or something like that) so I stayed clear from them. I spent time listening to music, reading, and sleeping shortly since I didn't get much sleep last night.

I just watched my friend walk around the living room. I think he knew I was cause he took small glances at me and smiled. He was so cute. I was glad, really glad he was my friend. He was a lot closer then Ced will ever be.

Speaking of Cedric...I got a text from him. He told me Fayt and him are together now. Not suprised there. Ced could charm is way into the pope's bed if he kept on it for a long time. Well I better get more sleep.

Sunday, April 1, 2007

Sorry, a lot has been going on

Well its been a while since I've been on here. Need to catch up on whats been going on lately.

My new job is better then I thought. I'm doing well and Fayt moved in with me sometime ago, but something has been going wrong. Fayt started asking me to take lesser hours at the hospital. Well I did, my days at work were a less then I wanted to be, but I thought it would make Fayt happy. I was wrong.

For a month Fayt had told me to quit my job, or start working only a few days. He told me he could take care of the money. I didn't want to quit, I loved being a doctor and I always wanted to be once since I was a little kid. Arguments started happening for frequintly then normal, and more heated. Sometimes he would slam the door on me, and I would have to take residents in my office at work.

Then it happened. I came home maybe a week ago and Fayt was waiting for me. He had bags at the door, and he had his car keys.

"Fayt? Whats going on?"

He shook his head and picked up his suit case. "I'm leaving Ed. For good." My eyes widen and I just stared at him for a while. "I'll be coming back for the rest of my stuff next week and they took me back at my old job."

"B-But Fayt, why are you doing this!" My voice cracked, with tears. I knew someday this was going to happen, but I still couldn't help from crying. "Fayt you know I can't quit my job."

"Its also about that other doctor you've been hanging out with..." He glared at me. "Dr. Chase I think his name was."

I bit my bottom lip and looked down. It was true, I hung out with Chase after work sometimes. We were good friends. We liked each other's company. Anger sturred in me, when he thought me and Chase were...

"Chase has nothing to do with this!" I yelled at Fayt, slaming my fists down on the table.

"Oh really? I see how you two are. Always together. You look at him that way. I know it. I saw it!" He took a long sigh and opened the door. "I'm staying with Cedric. At least he knows what I want in a relationship." My heart stopped. I knew it. Ced must have said something...

I watched quietly as Fayt walked out of the apartment, my life forever. Luna was in a cornor of the living room whimpering sadly. She must had been scared at all the yelling. I picked her up and walked to my room. I don't know how long I sat there in silence, thinking over what had just happened. Maybe it was better this way, if he was gone. But it still hurt.

I told House what had happened a few days ago and then Chase. I'm staying with him for a while so I won't have to see Fayt get his stuff.